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Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive surgery, also called laparoscopic surgery, makes use of small incisions and thin instruments to perform medical procedures. First, the surgeon pumps carbon dioxide gas into the surgical area. Then the incisions are made (each incision is usually ½-inch to 1 inch wide). A small camera is inserted in one incision to provide a visual guide, while thin instruments are inserted in the other openings.

Minimally invasive surgery usually requires less recovery time and causes fewer complications than traditional open surgery. Patients also report less pain and difficulty resuming daily activities after laparoscopic surgery. Tenet Florida Physician Services offer laparoscopic surgery in a number of surgical specialties including orthopaedics, bariatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, and cardiology.

Who is eligible?

Laparoscopic surgery is a good surgery option in most cases. You and your doctor will review your medical history and health needs to determine whether or not laparoscopic surgery is right for you.

What are the risks?

Although the risks of minimally invasive surgery are fewer and often less complicated than with traditional open surgery, you should still be aware of the problems that may arise. These include:

  • Wound infections
  • Bleeding
  • Injury to surrounding organs and tissues

There are also risks associated with any surgery, like reactions to anesthesia. The team at Tenet Florida Physician Services will explain all the risks during your consultation.

What is recovery like?

The specifics of your recovery will depend on the type of laparoscopic surgery performed, and the area in which it was performed. The most common complaints are mild pain and bloating or swelling (from the use of carbon dioxide gas to inflate the area for better viewing).

In general, patients who choose laparoscopic surgery over open surgery experience less pain, fewer complications, and less down time. Your Tenet Florida Physician Services team will give you specific details and post-operative instructions based on your procedure.

How expensive is it?

Typically, insurance, Medicare and Medicaid cover most or all of the expense, depending on your co-pay and deductible. For some elective laparoscopic procedures, like weight loss surgeries, insurance may cover little or none of the cost.

The Tenet Florida Physicians Services team will work with you and your insurance company to give you an accurate estimate of costs, and design a payment plan if needed.

How do I learn more?

Tenet Florida Physician Services works closely with you and your primary care office to design a surgery and treatment plan that is right for you. You can also make an appointment directly with us by calling 1.866.654.2362.