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Advanced Shoulder Reconstruction

What is Advanced Reconstruction?
Advanced shoulder reconstruction, sometimes called reverse total shoulder replacement, reverses the position of the ball and socket to allow a different muscle group to move the arm. This process is used in specific arthritis and rotator cuff tears that would not benefit from traditional replacement anatomy.

What is it for?
Advanced shoulder reconstruction is for patients with a large rotator cuff tear and joint inflammation, those who had an unsuccessful traditional shoulder replacement, severe pain and problems moving the arms from the side to over the head, and those who did not respond to other treatments.

Am I a candidate?
After a full medical history, physical exam, and certain tests, you and your physician will discuss if you are a candidate for surgery. Some health conditions or medications may prevent you from having this type of surgery.

What does the treatment or procedure involve?
Advanced shoulder reconstruction requires opening the shoulder joint and removing the damaged parts of the bones. A ball is attached to the shoulder, and a cup is attached to the top of the upper arm, making a new joint. This is performed through general anesthesia.

What is recovery like?
Following surgery, the shoulder will be in a sling for several weeks, usually between four and six weeks. Your physician will also prescribe some exercises to do at home as you begin to heal. When the sling is removed, physical therapy will increase to include more range of motion and other exercises. It is usually three to four months before the shoulder is totally healed.

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Advanced Shoulder Reconstruction Team
Jonathan Hersch, MD, FAAOS

Jonathan Hersch, MD, FAAOS

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