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Achilles Tendon Insertion Repair

What is Achilles tendon insertion repair?
Achilles tendon insertion repair is a surgery that helps with wear and tear on the Achilles tendon at the point where it joins the heel bone.

What is it for?
Insertional Achilles Tendinosis occurs where the Achilles tendon attaches to the heel bone. Tendinosis develops when the tendon is damaged, causing pain, limited mobility and problems wearing shoes.

Am I a candidate?
After a full medical history, physical exam and certain tests, you and your physician will discuss if you are a candidate for surgery. Nonoperative treatments are attempted first. Some health conditions or medications may prevent you from having this type of surgery.

What does Achilles tendon insertion repair involve?
In many cases, this repair can be done through arthroscopy, which is a minimally invasive procedure using a tiny camera and small instruments that can operate without large incisions. The damaged part of the tendon can be removed, leaving the rest of the tendon attached to the heal bone. In some patients, a large amount of tendon may be damaged.

What is recovery like?
Healing may take six to 12 weeks. Depending on the type of injury and its location, your physician may prescribe some gentle movement exercises, and/ or some bracing to guide or limit movement. Patients may also need physical therapy to restore as much functionality as possible.

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Achilles Tendon Insertion Repair Team
Jonathan Hersch, MD, FAAOS

Jonathan Hersch, MD, FAAOS

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