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Foot deformities

Foot deformities may occur as an isolated disorder or in combination with other syndromes and associated anomalies. The goal of foot deformity treatment is to correct the foot so that the patient has a functional, pain-free foot with good mobility and minimal calluses without a need for modified shoes. These issues will not resolve on their own.

Treatment should begin as soon as possible after birth and may continue for an extended period. Casting and bracing can fix and stabilize the area. If there is failure to achieve deformity correction by nonsurgical methods, or if residual deformities and recurrent deformities are unresponsive to nonsurgical measures, surgery may be needed. Surgical treatment is extensive and requires a combination of soft tissue release, joint manipulation, tendon lengthening, and temporary pinning. Foot deformity correction through surgery may require more than one operation over time.

After surgery, casting helps the bones and tendons heal properly. External pins may be removed about six weeks after surgery, and may be followed by additional casting and therapeutic footwear.

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Foot deformities Team
Dror Paley, MD, FRCSC

Dror Paley, MD, FRCSC

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